LACH DIAMANT presents at EMO in Hanover 50 years of Grinding with CBN-Borazon

A quantum leap which revolutionized the grinding of hardened steels.

At the Hanover Spring Fair of 1969, LACH DIAMANT introduced CBN grinding wheels with a new abrasive – “BorazonT”, manufactured by General Electric – for grinding high-alloy hardened steels and HSS.

LACH DIAMANT can pride itself to be the worldwide first and only manufacturer of CBN grinding wheels to offer a complete programme of CBN grinding wheels and pins already in 1969.

Both for dry and wet grinding – for example for HSS tool grinding – HSS milling up to micro toothingin resin bonds K-MX 7 (dry) or K-MX 3 (wet) or for surface and cylindrical grinding of high-alloy steels in resin and metal bonds.

To date, electro-plated G-MX bonds complete the CBN programme for internal cylindrical and jig grinding for tool and mould construction.

Besides all “proven and tested” products – and of course continuously enhanced and developed during 50 years – LACH DIAMANT features other novelties for CBN applications, especially for serial production – for example the grinding wheel »contour-profiled«.

This precision profile – concave or convex – is inserted into a metal matrix and replaces up to three previously necessary grinding cycles. In addition, the precision profile can be resharpenedseveral times, without any loss of contours – maximum tool lives are guaranteed.

A visit to LACH DIAMANT should definitely beworthwhile – the product range of polycrystalline cutting tools and diamond dressing tools will also surprise you with further novelties and developments.

LACH DIAMANT will be at EMO 2019 in Hanover from September 16th to 21st.

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Photo 1: A nostalgic moment, 50 years ago

– the “Borazon” exhibition stand at the spring trade show in Hanover in 1969, featuring the complete Borazon/CBN grinding wheel


Photo 2: Shows the “Eagle” landing on the moon in July of 1969. This photo was exclusively

provided to LACH DIAMANT by NASA.