LACH DIAMANT presents at AMB in Stuttgart: DragonFly makes Tooth-Face Grinding more efficient

The newly developed diamond grinding wheel for the tooth-face grinding of diamond grinding wheels provides supreme process reliability and stability.

LACH DIAMANT’s DragonFly grinding wheels show supreme durability, stability and process reliability during continuous operation. This allows for reduced production and regrinding costs – while still providing highest precision.

The unique support system with 3-dimensional geometry and extended grinding layer allows the grinding of even the narrowest tooth pitch. It is possible to operate with higher speeds and infeeds. This shortens grinding time significantly and increases the cut volume. The results are impressive: Exemplary straight surfaces – without any deformations.

More information about DragonFly diamond grinding wheels for the face, back and side grinding of carbide studded saws is available at AMB 2020 from LACH DIAMANT or in advance via email to office@lach-diamant.deor at