LACH DIAMANT exhibits at the

PRODUCTRONICA, Munich, from November 13 to 16, 2007
Hall B4 Stand 126

Diamonds mill, cut, score circuit board materials (PCB). LACH DIAMANT presented diamond tools for the first time as a world innovation at the Productronica in 1977.

Today, diamond tools for the processing of PCB belong to “state-of-the-technology” and contributed successfully to the miniaturization in the electronic industry.

LACH DIAMANT will utilize this year’s PRODUCTRONICA as a platform for the introduction and presentation of more innovations.

New and for the first time presented by LACH DIAMANT:

Combination Diamond Tool for Multilayer a world innovation developed for the edge processing of multilayer circuit boards as well as for countersinking of “targets” or the milling of “corner marks”

Advantage: Large saving of time

Diamond Profile Cutters

compared with carbide tools 20 times longer tool life for chamfering of FR4 and HF circuit boards with gold-plated edge connector

– increased feed rates


Diamond Routerbits

a new development for the milling of “corner marks” on multilayer circuit boards for extreme long tool life


Diamond Scoring Cutters

The highlights in the LACH DIAMANT PCB program, further developed for the optimum and economic scoring of solid copper and aluminium circuit boards which are coated on one or both sides with copper foil.

Carbide Tool Program

A newly developed item is the saw type made from solid carbide with a cutting width of 0.3 mm for precision cutting of FR4 circuits boards as well as coated PCB.

We cordially invite you to the LACH DIAMANT stand.