LACH DIAMANT dedicated to Tradition…Diamonds from our own imports

LACH DIAMANT dedicated to Tradition …
Diamonds from our own imports

Since the founding of LACH DIAMANT by Jakob Lach in 1922 the handling of diamonds has been a daily practice.

Initially up to 600 diamond cutters were employed for cutting natural diamonds to jewellery diamonds and brilliants.
Since 1957 – the first year of manufacturing synthetic diamonds by General Electric – the synthetic diamond has replaced the natural diamond with the exception of a few individual cases.

For example: The natural diamonds – called the dressing diamond or the profile dressing diamond – are still indispensable for the precise dressing of grinding wheels.

By tradition these natural diamonds are cut and ground and converted to tools in our own diamond grinding shop at our headquarters in Hanau, which was formerly famous as the town of precious jewellery.
These so-called industrial diamonds are mounted onto steel holders.

Skilled and trained diamond cutters craft at our headquarters in Hanau precise cutting tips from natural diamonds as required for high-gloss processing – turning or milling – of non-ferrous metals and plastics.

According to a 90 year old tradition the diamonds are imported by our company from world markets in London and Antwerp.