LACH DIAMANT continues to be successfull on expansion path

LACH DIAMANT continues to be successfull on expansion path

LACH DIAMANT, in its third generation, continues on its expansion path. The company was founded in 1922 as a family enterprise by Jakob Lach with headquarters in Hanau.

The success at the just concluded international trade show, EMO in Hannover, serves as an endorsement for the research and development work carried out in the last decades.

Many patents attest how the program of chipbreakers for the turning and milling of aluminium and hardened steels in the automobile and accessory industries have led to new and innovative ways for manufacturing. The ground-breaking process »Cool Injection« – direct cooling, opened new trails for the machining of aluminium and composite materials such as GRP, CFRP in the automobile, windpower and airplane industries.

International experts have recognized the pioneering work of LACH DIAMANT, among others with the „DeBeers Diamond Award”, the Hessian Innovation Prize and the AIRTEC Award for special achievements in the development of polycystalline (PCD) diamond tools for the machining of composite materials.

The automobile manufacturer AUDI congratulated LACH DIAMANT during a supplier conference in the spring of this year as the „most innovative PCD tool supplier”.

For LACH DIAMANT with production facilities in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz and the affiliated plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA – LACH DIAMOND INC., this was incentive enough to fulfill these demands also in the future.

In order to meet the higher demands of customers for quick delivery time and service in the future, the business managers, Horst and Robert Lach, have decided to expand the Lichtenau plant and double the manufacturing space.

This project is anticipated to be ready by spring 2012 and calls for yet another celebration: Because in 2012 LACH DIAMANT will be celebrating its 90th company anniversary.