LACH DIAMANT at the EUROMOLD in Frankfurt

LACH DIAMANT at the EUROMOLD in Frankfurt
from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2011 in Hall 9.0, Booth B81
New product developments from the LACH DIAMANT think tank
for mold and tool construction

Diamond spray »MF«
– the diamond paste in spray cans from ¼ to 90 my:

The spray simple effect saves time and costs.

The up to now cumbersome and expensive dispensing of the paste-like diamond paste is omitted.

New: Each diamond spray »MF« shipment includes a practical storage case at no charge.

PCD/CBN copy milling cutters with »Cool Injection« – direct cooling

New world innovation and patented, the nozzle outlets are located directly at the PCD/CBN cutting edge.

Consequently most effective cooling of the sensitive work piece and the PCD/CBN cutting edge takes effect, regardless if water, gas or air is applied.

Side-effect: The just created „hot chip” is quenched immediately and kept away from the expensive work piece making it the ideal chip breaker.

»Cool Injection« – direct cooling – also recommended for the milling and turning of sensitive aluminium parts as well as a „heat killer” for cutting, drilling, milling of heat producing thick-walled parts such as GRP/CFRP.

Coated Diamond and CBN tools for
deburring, grinding and for wear protection

For these products LACH DIAMANT has many innovations to offer.

It is therefore worthwhile to confer with the staff of LACH DIAMANT.

As assured by the managers Horst and Robert Lach, the family enterprise founded in 1922 by Mr. Jakob Lach intends also in the future to be the guarantor for innovation and progress, around the hardest material, the DIAMOND.

The whole LACH DIAMANT team looks forward to your visit and wish you lots of luck with the EUROMOLD raffle „Crazy Chicken”. Let us surprise you.