LACH DIAMANT at EMO in Hanover – Dressing and Profiling of Grinding Wheels

LACH DIAMANT at EMO in Hanover

Dressing and Profiling of Grinding Wheels –

from Single-Point Diamond Dresser to Precision Dressing Roll

LACH DIAMANT, a diamond company founded in 1922 by Jakob Lach, likes to refer to almost 100 years of experience in handling diamonds.

Even today, more than ever, LACH DIAMANT is committed to the slogan “Little things MATTER”. One example is the special service for remounting and regrinding single-point dressers and profile shaped diamond tools. Traditionally, all required natural diamonds are purchased at German commodity markets.

Over the last 50 years, technological changes within the series production industry led to a variety of tools and techniques which were designed to make the dressing of conventional grinding wheels more cost-efficient and precise – however, there was no way around diamonds.

Up to this day, LACH DIAMANT accompanied all these developments – a few of them as a pioneer of innovations – for example the diamond dressing rolls »drebojet« or »drebojet-plus«.

At the next EMO in Hanover, LACH DIAMANT will showcase their complete diamond dressing tool programme – from single-point diamond dresser through diamond profile dressing tools in addition to service – as conventional part – to multi-point dressing tools, dressing plates such as »Dia-Fliese-perfect«, and »drebojet-plus« as an example for milling, up to diamond dressing rolls with micro-precision, manufactured by using the negative procedure.

In a fast-paced time, demanding just-in-time delivery even for diamond dressing rolls, users will be interested in the short-term delivery options for this precision instrument at LACH DIAMANT.

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