LACH DIAMANT at EMO – A Personal Review

LACH DIAMANT at EMO – A Personal Review

In retrospect, EMO was a trade show of superlatives for LACH DIAMANT …

Horst Lach, proprietor and CEO of the family-owned, third generation business, established 95 years ago, and led by Horst Lach and his son, Robert Lach (Dipl.-Ing.), comments on this year’s EMO success:

“When I look back on the worldwide undisputed pioneering achievements in the introduction and development of our CBN grinding wheel in 1969, PCD tools in 1973, and even the first presentation of diamond, wood and plastic machining tools at LIGNA in 1979 – with only the exception of the discovery of spark erosion, a revolution for PCD machining (EDG = Electrical Discharge Grinding), I find the presentation of our new developments at this year’s EMO equally successful.

Based on our motive “Future for Today”, LACH DIAMANT development departments have provided fascinating innovations, to the point that I do not know which of the developments I should highlight – the revolutionary developments for grinding or cutting.

For grinding of carbide and hardened steel, metal-bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels have made a major comeback after being in tough competition with resin, ceramic and hybrid bonds.

We used the “magic word” of »contour-profiled« to represent profile grinding wheels with precision, durability and profile repeatability that was, before now, deemed impossible for metal-bond grinding wheels. Time savings in serial production of up to 35 – 60% are possible (conservatively stated).

By the way, we offer this proven profiling process, based on a patent from 1982, to all interested parties.

For cutting, we were able to build on over two decades of experience of the development of our multi-patented PCD chip breakers.

The showcased result was the chip breaker »IC-plus«, rightly named as the “world’s best”. The introductory phase for “clean” aluminium turning has begun. For all who want to machine composites and aluminium faster and “chip-free” – without delamination – LACH DIAMANT presented PCD drills »PS« and »PS-plus«, as the final result of years of development.

During solid drilling, e.g. of aluminium, up to three work steps can be eliminated – drilling of pilote holes, pre-drilling and drilling – while potentially achieving reaming qualities of up to h6.

The next pressing issue for me – us – is now to quickly introduce and establish these products in the industry in order to cut costs and increase overall efficiency. For this purpose, we are currently strenghtening our team with experienced personnel.”

More information on each of the highlights is available at or from our hotline