Dressing of grinding wheels from tradition to progress

Dressing of grinding wheels
from tradition to progress

The tradition at LACH DIAMANT defines the grinding of natural diamonds since 1922. Founded as a grinding house for jewelry and diamond brilliant cuts, LACH employed up to 600 diamond cutters to the beginning of Worldwar 2 – Hanau at that time was known as the city of precious jewels.

Today in the year 2010 the service for resetting and regrinding of single point diamond dressing tools and profile diamonds (e.g. Diaform diamond chisels) is evidence of this 88 years old brilliant tradition.

We feel obligated to our customers to continue this traditional service with our own natural diamond grinding facility.

This program is completed, quasi obligated to progress, with the line of sintered dressing diamonds, either with natural or synthetic diamonds such as multi point dressing tools, diamond wheel dressers, diamond dressing plates and diamond dressing rolls.

For quick processing and customer service we maintain our own service department for the dressing and profiling of diamond and CBN grinding wheels.