The nickleplated diamond or CBN grains of electroplated grinding wheels are fixed on a steel body by means of an electrochemical process.

This group of grinding tools stands out due to an aggressive stock removal. A high chip space volume permits a good coolant supply, directly into the processing area, and provides sufficient space for chip removal.

Further advantages result from an excellent thermal resistance and a mechanical strength of these products. This allows their application in high speed grinding processes with peripheral speeds of more than 150 m/s.

Electroplated tools are used both for dry and for wet grinding. They are used everywhere where high dimensional accuracy and unusual grinding wheel profiles are requested.

An important feature of electroplated grinding wheels is the embedding depth of the diamond or CBN grain. It complies with the application area and the grain size. For internal, profile, creep feed and high speed grinding processes of unhardened, tempered and hardened ferrous materials a grain embedding depth of 40-55% has proven of value. For sintered carbide, ceramics and different types of glass the embedding depth is 80-95%.

Due to the optimization of the production process of electroplated diamond and CBN grinding tools, today we are able to offer economical solutions for grinding processes for synthetic materials, carbon, graphite, rubber or fibre-reinforced composite materials. To an increasing degree also materials like carbide, glass, ceramics, porcelain, ferrite, silicon, high speed steel, tool steel, ball bearing steel, high-alloy steel, highly heat resisting materials etc. are processed successfully with our tools. An additional cost reduction can be achieved if the customer places the carrier material at our disposal or if the high-quality steel bodies are recoated.

You benefit from the large variety of high-quality standard products kept in stock and therefore from short delivery times and favourable prices. Upon customer`s request special tool profiles can be coated at short notice.

Should you require further information about the application area of electroplated grinding wheels, please contact our customer service. Our field application engineers dispose of many years of experience and are able to give you competent advice on the application of these products. Until today our products have proven their worth a million times with high stock removal rates and long tool lives. You will find our customers in the automobile, wind power and aircraft industries who have used our electroplated grinding wheels with success and satisfaction for a long time.