LACH DIAMANT provides you with a complete range of diamond and CBN grinding wheels and offers optimized technical solutions for a large variety of grinding applications in the wood and plastics industries.

The standard program offers diamond and CBN grinding wheels which - in the course of time - have shown excellent performance in the practical application of our customers.

The long tool life, combined with a very high stock removal rate and rigidity of the grinding edge, permits an economical production and service of solid carbide and HSS cutting tools on conventional and CNC grinding machines.

Our diamond grinding wheels for tooth-face, diameter and side grinding can be used on CNC grinding machines as well as on conventional grinding machines and guarantee a high precision and a perfect quality of the ground cutting edge for production and service (grinding) of carbide saw blades on AKE, KNEBEL, VOLLMER and WALTER grinding machines.

For production and service of HSS circular saw blades on SCHMIDT TEMPO and LOROCH grinding machines we offer CBN grinding wheels with resin and metal bond. The wide standard product range with profile radii from R0,75 to R3 mm enables you to select the suitable CBN grinding wheel for the requested concave tooth profile and for a maximum cost-effectiveness of your production.

Our tools are always manufactured according to state-of-the-art technologies which guarantee constant product features. Our production is continuously documented by an implemented quality management system according to ISO9001:2008.

Our own development department is in charge of translating the latest product improvements and new developments into practice. Due to a modern factory-owned grinding equipment our grinding wheels can be tested on different materials under reproducible conditions.

Our field application engineers are anytime at your disposal with competent knowledge based on many years of experience and are glad to help you to find an optimal solution to your grinding problems.