»Dia-ToolNet« Station

The »dia-ToolNet« and the »dia-ToolNet« Station

The »dia-ToolNet« is a modern universal measuring and re-positioning device with an integrated tool server comprising the »dia- ToolNet« Station that can be connected so as to form a network with all the CNC-controlled LACH DIAMANT universal sharpening machines.

The measuring system is based on a highprecision telecentric camera with maintenance-free LED illumination. All the images taken by the measuring camera are evaluated by a computer in real time and displayed on the 10" TFT monitor. As easy handling was a top priority for the software developers it is possible to operate the measuring system after only a few minutes of instruction.

Classical measuring errors - such as the parallax error - which are common when using the projector-based measuring devices, have been eliminated with the »dia-ToolNet« Station. This system allows for error-free and fast gauging of measuring profile radii, angles and tolerances of dia-cutting edges (and of course also carbide, Stellite, CBN cutting edges, etc). Furthermore, the top illumination, that can be additionally activated, enables very exact determination of dia-cutting edge breakage.

The »dia-ToolNet« station, however, is more than just a classical measuring device. With a second 10" TFT monitor the normal tool editor of the »Dia-2100-mini« and the »Dia-2100- classic« is always available. The operator can thus define new tools for the LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines already on the measuring machine. For example, starting with customer or job data, through the tool geometries to the exact calibration data, thus eliminating errors in the setting up of the machine right from the start.

The chief attraction of this tool editor is its ability to communicate directly with the measuring software of the camera measuring system! All the measured cutting positions are automatically recorded in the tool editor. Manual transfer, the writing and typing in of data, which is usual for example with normal measuring devices where it represents a major source of errors, does not exist with the »dia- ToolNet« station.

The »dia-ToolNet« station is thus the optimal device for job preparation and quality check of dia-tools.

The »dia-ToolNet« station also features an integrated server, which provides tool data to all LACH DIAMANT CNC sharpening machines.

The server is a Windows®-based industrial PC with an integrated RAID harddisc. With this system no data can be lost, not even if the harddisc is damaged!

Several possibilities are available for data exchange: the Ethernet based network »dia- ToolNet«, modern USB (memory-)sticks and the classical diskettes.