»mini shows profile«

Three ways to profile

Sharpening of universal profile tools

The »Dia-2200-mini« is used for the typical diamond service operation for all types of diamond tools including profile tools. The optional program package "mini shows profile", as with all program functions of the »mini«, can easily be learned and applied on the WINDOWS® user interface. Extensive or previous CNC knowledge is not needed unlike other sharpening machines on the market. The application of the »mini« with the new programming package for path controlled profiling of diamond tools saves, in many cases, the additional purchase of an EDM wire machine. Furthermore, you have the advantages of a more rapid eroding time with the LACH spark eroding grinding process EDG* as compared to the EDM wire process. Quick and easy determining of the starting position of the profile tool inside the machine by means of a camery system**

The Classic: Profiling of a graphite electrode with dressing tools

The proven process from the time of the legendary M-1050 sharpening machine was further developed with automatic dressing cycles and simplified operation. To this day, the process of plunging into the profile with the profiled dresser is unsurpassed in time savings. Further highlights are the eroding of sharp-edged profiles and the quick positioning of the diamond tool to the pre-profiled electrode.

The Newcomer: Profiling of graphite electrode with continuous path control*

This classic process is paired with modern continuous path control. Here the tool-specific dresser can be done without. The profiled contour is developed by way of an integrated profile editor (no special CAD knowledge required). Just the same, almost all advantages of the classic process are maintained, meaning simple positioning of the tool paired with extreme high processing speed.

The Specialist: The copper electrode profiled by continuous path control*

The solution for the sharpening of intricate profiles. The profile is produced using a copper electrode with continuous path control.


* part of the optional program package »mini shows profile«


*EDG = electrical discharge grinding
**optionally obtainable