During the lapping and polishing process - the last step in the processing chain - the surfaces of the work pieces are optimized.

By means of cutting edges with undefined geometries, that means with unbound abrasive grains, the surfaces are polished until they achieve a mirror finish. In order to optimize the slighting performance the grains are mixed in liquid or paste-like suspensions which are applied on the surface of the work piece by means of a thin film and cross the surfaces in preferably undirected cutting paths.

In order to obtain optimal surface qualities the polishing suspensions have to be suited to the processing parameters and the work piece material. As manufacturers of these products we have the optimal prerequisites for meeting promptly our customers' demands. The grain concentration is an important influencing factor for the costs and decides on the stock removal rate and the time/performance ratio. The suspensions have the additional function to prevent the generation of frictional heat and to cool the polished surface. But the suspensions can also contribute to the sealing of the surface. Lach diamond pastes are pH-neutral.

Therefore the product comes up to the increasing environmental consciousness of our customers, and chemical alterations of the surfaces can be avoided effectively. Due to the variation of grain qualities and grain concentration as well as the optimization of the suspension in the composition and viscosity we can face the process parameters of today`s lapping and polishing processes and can make them even more economical.

Comparisons reveal that due to the optimization of lapping and polishing processes up to 50% of the costs can be saved. From this results also that lapping and polishing processes are competitive in comparison with fine turning, finish grinding or honing. In many cases lapping is even the only possibility to meet the steadily increasing quality standards/requirements in tool and mould making.

Lach Diamant polishing compounds enable you to work/process successfully metals, ceramics, different types of glass as well as natural stones like marble, granite, basalt or precious stones. These products have also proven their value for the application on plastics and materials of the semi-conductor industry as well as graphite and also diamond. The coloured identification marking of the products show distinctively the respective micron grain size. The coloured suspensions are as well an optical support for a homogenous application of the polishing compound. The intensity of the applied colour allows a reliable conclusion to be drawn about the diamond concentration In the polishing film.

A large part of our customers uses Lach polishing compounds for industrial applications such as surface finishing. Another clientele are laboratories all over the world which use these compounds for geological and metallurgical materials. In our online product information sheets you will find our high-quality MF-products which contain polycrystalline diamonds and guarantee a high stock removal rate. These products can be used for a large variety of purposes and materials. Concerning the optimization of industrial processes please address your inquiries to our competent customer service. Our object in view will be to prove our experience and to meet new challenges.