Today every optimized grinding operation requires an adequate dressing operation.

During the grinding operation the abrasive grain is subject to a permanent process of wear. Particles which have broken out of the grains and grinding waste clog the pore space and the profile of the grinding wheel changes constantly. All the problems arising during the grinding operation due to this wear can be eliminated successfully by means of the LACH diamond dressing tools.

Even newly mounted grinding wheels should be dressed prior to the first operation in order to guard effectively against radial and axial runout. According to the dressing position and infeed of the dressing tools the surface roughness, that means the topography of the grinding wheels, can be influenced.

Regardless of the product groups, either hand-guided or machine-operated tools, the quality of the diamonds is of decisive importance for the result of the dressing process. The manual mounting and brazing on metal carriers is effected with the same care as the selection of the diamond.

Coming from the tradition of diamond (brilliant) cutting Lach Diamant knows - like no other - all about the handling and processing of these sensitive materials.

Today Lach Diamant uses - apart from natural diamonds - also synthetic diamonds, monocrystalline diamonds (MCD), polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) for the production of dressing tools. Due to a carefully selected product range Lach Diamant is able to provide suitable dressing tools for all kinds of grinding processes. The targeted use of Lach diamond dressing tools increases considerably the valued added of every grinding process.

In addition Lach Diamant offers a special cost-effective service for resetting of diamond tools. This service includes all brands. According to their carat, quality and grain shape the diamonds can be reset and also reground up to five times. It is important, however, that the wear of the diamonds is not too advanced. Resetting requires a certain dimension of the diamond, otherwise there will not be a sufficiently safe anchoring of the bon matrix.

Concerning the different application areas of dressing tools - for manual or mechanical processing on Schaudt, Fortuna, Diaform, MSO, Jung, Deckel, Höfler, Voumard, Lidköping or Lororch grinding machines, our competent sales representatives are at your disposal for expert advice and process optimization at any time.

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