New at EMO 2019


The “World’s best” PCD Chipbreaker and Chip Guide Step for process-reliable Turning of Aluminium Alloys – the Cost Killers

LACH DIAMANT combines twenty years of experience in production and application of PCD chipbreakers and laser cut chip guide steps in one “world’s best” offering.

Already in 1999, LACH DIAMANT had a patent granted for the worldwide first PCD chipbreaker; many variations and further patent registrations followed.

First introduced at the last EMO, »IC-plus world’s best« PCD insert with active chipbreaker for finishing long-chipping aluminium alloys immediately became a true problem solver and therefore a bestseller. Application engineers agree that “it runs and keeps running – a true cost killer...”.

The insert with XIS/XXIS chipbreaker functionality – proven for over ten years – is available for turning higher finishing allowances; once again a product without any comparison worldwide.

For two decades, the compact programme has been completed by a laser-produced classic, the PCD insert with chip guide step, type CO. With positive cut for type CO and especially recommended for turning thin and unstable elements.

LACH DIAMANT’s brochure »IC-plus world’s best« for process-reliable turning of long-chipping aluminium alloys is immediately available for all users.

Request it from or during your visit at LACH DIAMANT’s stand at EMO in Hanover – hall 4, stand D40.


Photo 1: IC-plus-PCD insert with active chipbreaker