LACH DIAMANT presents at AMB Stuttgart – Hall 3 Stand 3E23: World Novelty: »contour-profiled« Diamond and CBN Profile Grinding Wheels –


World Novelty: »contour-profiled« Diamond and CBN Profile Grinding Wheels –

Cost Killer for deep grinding Carbide, High-alloyed Steels and Technical High-performance Ceramics in Serial Production

The Renaissance of metal-bond Grinding roduction Wheels


The technology of »contour-profiled«-profile grinding wheels is at the same time the comeback of metal binders for LACH diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

The resin bond grinding wheel needs several processing steps during the deep grinding of components made of carbide, high-alloyed steels or ceramics, such as aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide or else non-oxide ceramics, such as silicon nitride. The new metal bond »contour-profiled« profile grinding wheel now accomplishes these works in one single step time- and cost-saving.

Almost every profile type, concave or convex, is possible – even with smallest tolerances of up to 0.005 mm.

Costs for abrasives and wheels could be reduced by a factor of 8 – one single profiled »contour-profiled« grinding wheel is sufficient for all so-far necessary set of wheels. Tool life is now up to 25 times longer, e.g. for solid carbide thread inserts.

The »contour-profiled« wheels achieve up to 35 to 60 % time-savings through higher feed rates per work-piece.

Service: Compared to other machining methods, the LACH DIAMANT technology guarantees an almost 100% repeat accuracy of the original profile. Profile deviations are also excluded during service.