AMB in Stuttgart/Germany: Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels – the new Programme for conventional and CNC Grinding


AMB in Stuttgart/Germany:

Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels – the new Programme for conventional and CNC Grinding

Synthetic diamond grains – first offered by General Electric in 1957 – were already part of the first diamond grinding wheels, which were first manufactured in both resin and metal bonds by LACH DIAMANT in 1963.

Innovation has since been an integral theme in the history of LACH DIAMANT and in the continuous improvement of its grinding wheels, parallel to the production of new abrasives by General Electric.

Consequently, it is no surprise that in 1969 LACH DIAMANT was worldwide the first manufacturer to recognize the groundbreaking properties of the newly introduced abrasive “Borazon” – CBN – for HSS tool grinding. The term “Borazon grinding wheel”, formerly Borazon – CBN, was solely associated with LACH DIAMANT all into the 80’s.

Today, in 2016, LACH DIAMANT CBN grinding wheels are successfully produced for the industry in the main facility in Hanau, Germany. All types of bonds – resin, polyamide, metal, bronze, ceramics and hybrid bonds – are available.

Grinding wheels in electro-plated bond complete the product range.

Regrinding and replating services.

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Available Catalogues:

“Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels for Metalworking” + PCD Grinding

“Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels for Tools for Wood and Plastic Industry”

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