GrindTec 2014


From Tradition to Progress - Dressing of Grinding Wheels

Adamas, the invincible Diamond, has been written in CAPITAL LETTERS at LACH DIAMANT in Hanau since 1922 when 600 diamond cutters were finishing rough diamonds to brilliant cut diamonds for jewellery.

Today, in the year 2014, this tradition of cutting and grinding industrial diamonds continues: LACH DIAMANT offers a rare service for the regrinding, repointing and repairing of single and multiple point profile dressing diamonds, diaform chisels, natural turning diamonds and of course the new manufacture of these natural tools.

For the first time, at the GrindTec, LACH DIAMANT will present the »Dia-Fliese-perfect« the superior dressing plate for the straight dressing and profiling of conventional grinding wheels.

In comparison to conventional dressing plates or tiles the technologically new design of the »Dia-Fliese-perfect« allows the precise adjustment of the dressing operation and the complete utilisation of the „visible" diamond grain.

Due to the newly developed bond system „F" the »Dia-Fliese-perfect« guarantees a constant dressing behaviour over the entire operating life.

Just as in the past, the new dressing plates »Dia-Fliese-perfect« are available in the known standard dimensions.

Model „K" with diamond grit size depending on the grinding wheel and Model „N" with natural diamond needles where the diameter orients itself to the grinding wheels to be dressed.

The models „C" for CVD Diamond rods and „M" for MCD Diamond rods complete the product range.

»Dia-Fliese-perfect« is fixed to previous dressing plates / tile holders MK1/MK0 or can be delivered rigidly brazed to the holder.

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