Trimming of multilayer printed circuit boards


LACH DIAMANT presents at the PRODUCTRONICA in Munich

Trimming of multilayer printed circuit boards
50 % time saving with cutting and burr-free milling in one processing step.

LACH DIAMANT has developed new tools for a combination system which enables tool lives up to 20.000 meters and more.

Due to innovative shape of the diamond edge the waste (cut-off) side of the multilayer printed circuit board is transported away sideways from the diamond tool.

The simultaneously obtained burr-free edge distinguishes the solution found by LACH DIAMANT from other tool designs.

In standard style this combination tool set consists of a
LACH DIAMANT cut-off saw ø 103 - 2 - 40/25° - 0,35, Z = 30 and a
LACH DIAMANT milling cutter ø 85 - 6,5/6 - 40, Z = 8 or Z = 12.