The 97-year history of LACH DIAMANT 1922–2019

Jakob Lach laid the foundation for the present company in 1922.

In the beginning, in Hanau, the »city of precious jewellery«, natural diamonds were cut into jewellery diamonds, called brilliants by up to 600 diamond cutters. In 1932 industrial diamonds and diamond tools were added, which, in 1950, finally replaced the jewellery diamonds.

Before the background of a modern industry, strengthened by new technologies, such as the development of synthetic diamonds, LACH DIAMANT became a worldwide leading manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools and a supplier of special machines for the manufacturing and sharpening of all polycrystalline diamond tools for the processing of aluminium and plastics (PCB, GRP, GFRP etc.) as well as all wood and wood-like materials.

Innovations which circled the globe.

For good reasons, LACH DIAMANT today is considered the pathfinder of indispensable pioneering work. The development of the company can be considered the “Who is who” in diamond and CBN tool manufacturing.

  • 1963 Start of the manufacturing of diamond grinding wheels in metal and resin bonds.
  • 1969 Development of the first CBN boron nitride grinding wheel »Borazon« for HSS tool grinding by LACH DIAMANT.
  • 1973 LACH DIAMANT breaks the trail at the Hanover Spring Fair with polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) for the superior turning of aluminium.
  • 1974 Hanover Fair: Presentation of the first PCD diamond milling tool for the machining of aluminium, wood and plastic materials.
  • 1975 Hanover Fair: As the first manufacturer, LACH DIAMANT demonstrated the turning of high alloy hardened steels with polycrystalline boron nitride (PCBn).
  • 1977 Productronica in Munich: Tools for cutting, scoring, edge processing of circuit board materials (PCB) are introduced for the first time.
  • 1979 LIGNA Hanover: Worldwide, the first presentation of diamond tools (PCD) for the processing of wood, all wood-like materials and plastics.
  • 1987 LIGNA Hanover: Presentation of the universal diamond grinding machines »EDG« for spark erosion processing of PCD, developed for their own production since 1978.
  • 1999 Introduction of the patented »chip breaker« for the "short-chip-turning" of aluminium.
  • 2004 The »dia-compact« monoblock diamond cutter for high-speed machining (HSC) of aluminium and plastics was awarded the Hessian Innovation Prize.
  • 2006 AirTec Award for the PCD end mill »multiple cut«.
  • 2010 LACH DIAMANT presents a worldwide innovation: dreborid »Cool Injection« System
  • 2012 Great 90-year celebration in Hanau and Lichtenau as well as inauguration of the newly doubled production facility of the Saxony plant in Lichtenau near Chemnitz.
  • 2017 LACH DIAMANT celebrates its 95 anniversary - LACH DIAMOND INC. celebrates its 35 anniversary.
  • 2017 EMO Hanover NEW: PCD milling cutters with cartridges, super-chipbreaker »IC-plus«, metal bond profile grinding wheels »contour-profiled« and special profile process.


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