LACH DIAMANT presents: AMB Stuttgart International Exhibition for Metalworking from September 9 to 13, 2008

»dia-compact« – Monoblock-Diamond Milling Cutters with adjustable finish cutting inserts* for HSC processing

This short description conceals another world innovation from the diamond tool manufacturer LACH DIAMANT. 
* (German Utility Model No. 20 2007 011 816.3)

With the »dia-compact« – monoblock face and square angle milling cutters surface finish of 8 to 15 my can be produced on plane surfaces. It is now possible to improve this value to less than 5 my with the design-integrated finish cutting inserts.

For this process, the finish cutting inserts are already factory adjusted, so that the LACH DIAMANT milling cutter, just as all »dia-compact« – monoblock PCD cutters can be put on the machine directly without time consuming adjustment work.

Due to the high surface quality now being obtained with face milling, this design is recommended for all precision aluminium machining. An example is the manufacture of high grade sealing surfaces or optical surfaces with parts for household articles or in the medical technology. For parts, which later will be coated, the polishing expenditure is greatly reduced.

HSC Monoblock milling cutter with finish cutting inserts

As for all LACH DIAMANT – monoblock diamond milling cutters »dia-compact« the monoblock cutters with adjustable finish cutting inserts allow cutting speeds up to 7000 m/min. and feed rates up to 0.25 mm/tooth.

After a successful centrifugal force test of up to 48,000 r.p.m. at the TU (Technical University) in Darmstadt an approval for 24,000 r.p. m. was granted for a PCD monoblock milling cutter of 125 mm diameter.