Booming cutting of aluminium creates conflict situation before th EMO in Hannover

LACH DIAMANT Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG from Hanau, the innovative, leading manufacturer of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools feels impelled to point out existing rights to his customers in the automobile and supply industry and competitors as well. This concerns the infringement of LACHs European and International patents. Background: The increased processing and machining of aluminium as a low weight material in the automobile supply and aerospace industry revealed machining problems. These problems could not be solved with carbide cutting tools or even diamond (PCD) tipped tools. When machining or turning aluminium long chips are created which can scratch/damage good surfaces of the respective work piece. Long chips are hard to dispose of and generate environmental problems as well. LACH DIAMANT 10 years ago started to tackle this problem with high development expenditure and searched for new solutions. The manufacturing processes for the production of polycrystalline (PCD) cutting tools with integrated chip breaker is described in patent specification EP 1 023 961 B1 and EP 1 023 962 B1. This represents a technologically groundbreaking solution. Just like a ‘wave breaker’ the accruing chips are diverted by a defined chip breaker and at the same time are fractured into small pieces. Damage to the already turned work piece surface is prevented this way; the chips produced with the chip breaker can be disposed of quickly interference-free and environmentally friendly from the cutting area. These innovations discovered by LACH DIAMANT are internationally in demand as shown by the list of companies which infringed on the patents as determined by LACH DIAMANT. Especially juicy: A German’ research institute’ has applied with ‘success’ at the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology for a project in the amount of approx. Euro 500000 with the involvement of tool manufacturers and competitors of LACH DIAMANT. This research project describes the found technologies and patents of LACH DIAMANT for the manufacturing of chip breakers in PCD tools for the machining of aluminium. Just these PCD tools with the integrated chip breaker will be exhibited again by LACH DIAMANT at the EMO in Hannover from September 17 to 22 2007 in Hall 4 Booth D33.