Inserts with »chipbreaker«

dreborid® CO
PCD insert with »chipbreaker«

insert with chip guide step and positive cut for especially thin and unstable elements.

dreborid® IS
PCD insert with »chipbreaker«

insert with active chipbreaker and stable cutting edge for thick, stable elements and turning operations with interrupted cut.

dreborid® IC
PCD insert with »chipbreaker«

insert with active chipbreaker and positive cut for thin and unstable elements.

Why PCD with »chipbreaker«?

In comparison to the conventional cast alloys, these alloys have a much higher toughness, with the disadvantage, however, that at cutting, undesired ribbon and thread chips are produced.

This way unforeseen and unwanted machine shutdowns develop. Damaged tools have to be replaced or, in the best case, large clews of these chips have to be removed from the working space of the machine.

Also in the area of PCD cutting inserts no systems existed up to now, which would avoid with 100% certainty such ribbon and thread chips.

LACH DIAMOND, ten years ago took on this problem with great expenditure. Thanks to new processing technologies, such as laser technology, it was possible for LACH DIAMOND, for the first time to put in a chip guide step (three dimen-sional) as a chipbreaker into the diamond layer of a PCD cutting insert.

On January 26, 1999, the first patent application was confirmed by the German patent office, further applications followed, such as the Europe patents EP 1 023 961 B1, EP 1 023 962 B1 and US patent 6,315,502.

The result of all experiences and developments can be seen in the form of this »chipbreaker« program.

Cornerstones of this program are the patented »chipbreaker« types CO (with laser cut guide steps) and IS (with fitted active »chipbreaker«).

The effectiveness of the »chipbreaker« IS again is once more strengthened by the type IC. In addition to the solidly anchored chipbreaker the type IC is equipped with a laser cut, circular positive chip guide step. This way the cutting force again is decreased and the chip is directed effectively to the »chipbreaker«.

PCD Chipbreaker

PCD Chipbreaker