CBN inserts »DUO-Power«

CBN inserts with »chipbreaker«* –
another innovation of LACH DIAMANT

With the development of the »chipbreaker« for the turning of hardened steels and cast iron, entirely new possibilities were opened up. This began at LACH DIAMANT already 10 years ago and led to several patents. The question „turning or grinding?“ has now another option which goes in favour of CBN turning.

With this development LACH DIAMANT draws from 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and application of polycrystalline synthetic cutting materials diamond (PCD) and CBN (PCBn). This started with their availability of PCD in 1973 respectively 1974 for CBN.

LACH DIAMANT employs 150 people with plants in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz in Germany as well as in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and is considered a pioneer in this type of industry.

Even the grinding and spark erosion processing of polycrystalline materials had its origin in the „think tank“ of LACH DIAMANT, as proven by the universal grinding machines according to the original spark erosion process by LACH DIAMANT.

Today in the year 2008 LACH DIAMANT has its rightful place in the group of system providers for turning, milling and drilling.

»CBN-Duo Power«


for the finishing of hardened steels and cast iron