Diamonds for cutting wood and wood materials - An idea travels the world

At the Ligna 1979 fair LACH DIAMANT presented the first diamond tools the  application of which was superior to tungsten carbide tools. The very hard diamond cutting edges, 125 times more abrasion-resistant than carbide type K20, resulted in enormous tool lives which in many cases were a hundred times longer in comparison with those of conventional tools.

This revolutionary idea spread quickly to the various types of applications. A fast-growing furniture industry, especially the office and kitchen furniture industries, equipped with modern production plants for flow production, got enthusiastic about LACH DIAMANT tools.

The elimination of costly set-up times and a constant production were the decisive factors for the convincing use, of course in conjunction with considerable cost savings.

Also the door industry opened up due to the increasing requirements in the production of door leaves and frames. The constant dimensional accuracy, for example during the long tool life of the folding hoggers, lead to enormous increases in production.

The growing series and mass production, not forgetting the production of parquet and laminate floors, extended the application range of LACH DIAMANT tools.

This resulted in an extensive increase of the production and service capacities for new diamond tools and the growing demand for service.

Due to the large number of new materials, the different surface coatings, the changed panel materials and the resultant combinations the demand for LACH DIAMANT tools is growing permanently.

Especially the smooth running of the LACH DIAMANT tools, also with the high spindle speeds which are common practice today, have found approval in the development of the different machine types used in modern wood industry. The optimized flute geometry of the tools and the resultant improvement of exhaustion facilitate new applications which are required due to the new materials.

In addition to that LACH DIAMANT has developed its own sharpening machines for diamond tools in order to support the worldwide application of diamond tools and their service on site. The LACH DIAMANT machine programme stands out due to its high flexibility and ease of operation, in conjunction with an excellent sharpening performance.

LACH DIAMANT - the pioneer in diamond tooling for the economical processing of wood, wood materials and plastics.

On the basis of the successful experiences in the field of the application of PCD for cutting non-ferrous metals since 1973, LACH DIAMANT has developed rotating tools for the use in the growing wood industry.

LACH DIAMANT routerbits

for quick and tear-free peripheral, internal and trough-milling on the new 3-axes and 5-axes machining centres. Due to the shear cut the different panel materials, also with very different layers, are cut without any tears. As a matter of principle  the routers are equipped with a diamond plunge cutting edge. The helix supports the chip evacuation. The results achieved with these tools reveal a quiet and smooth run and an excellent tool life.

LACH DIAMANT profile routerbits

offer best qualities of cut, an excellent profile accuracy and a long tool life when processing the new panel material. A varied application in MDF panels offers a lot of advantages.

LACH DIAMANT jointing cutters

The jointing cutters are used on single-side and double-side edge bending machines for milling different panel materials and varying layers. Due to the shear cut an outstanding edge quality is achieved. The extremely long tool lives result in an increase of productivity and allows for a continuous production process. The optimized version of the cutter results in smooth running and excellent chip evacuation.

LACH DIAMANT two-part jointing cutters

adjustable for different panel thicknesses for an optimal utilization of the cutting width. The respective dimensions are manufactured for the different operating conditions. This concerns the cutting width and the requested dimensions of the outside diameter and of the bore.

LACH DIAMANT compact hoggers

are used in different versions for the increased requirements for sizing - especially the double hogging system- of the panel materials. The special geometries result in very long tool lives and a good quality of cut. Further advantages are directed chip removal and smooth running.

LACH DIAMANT folding hoggers

are used for the precise manufacturing of door frames in the door industry. The required angles are kept constant during the entire tool life. The constant quality of cut guarantees a high productivity.

LACH DIAMANT groove cutters

for dimensionally stable grooving without tears - with good chip evacuation - for different layers and panel materials. The constant quality of cut is also achieved during very long tool lives.

LACH DIAMANT groove cutters - adjustable

for frequently changing groove dimensions which are found in the modern furniture industry. Quick and easy change of the tools. Another advantage is offered by the excellent quality of cut in varying panel materials.

LACH DIAMANT profile cutters

for edge processing with unchanged profile dimensions, also after every resharpening process and constant quality of cut during a very long tool life.

LACH DIAMANT scoring saws

with conical teeth - also alternated teeth - for tear-free scoring of varying layers and panel materials. The particular advantage is due to the long tool lives when processing very abrasive layers. Due to the conical tooth shape the different cutting widths can be adjusted for the respective main saw blades.

LACH DIAMANT saw blades

with different dimensions and tooth shapes for the application on final trimming and panel sizing machines.

The excellent quality of cut is achieved in different panel materials. The same goes for the new layers and abrasive materials which are frequently used. The long tool lives offer a high level of reliability in modern production processes.