Technical specifications

Motor power output
1,5 kW
Spindle speed (RPM): Standard:
With optional frequency regulator:
2800–4200–5600 RPM
2000–6000 RPM
Grinding wheels
diameter 100 + 125 mm
Oscillation stroke, nfinitely variable
5–45 mm
Oscillation frequency, infinitely variable 0–70 strokes/min.
Tip radius/division
0–45 mm/0.01 mm
Pivot angle at the grinding spindle
0–20 degrees
Pivot angle horizontal
± 100 degrees
Oscillation position infinitely variable
0–130 mm
Feedrate steps
0,01 mm
Division steps of the adjustable center offset
0,01 mm
Power supply
3x 380 V/50 Hz
Control voltage
24 V
Power rating
approx. 2.5 kW
700 kg
 800 x 800 x 1500 mm


Microscope with graduated dial for radius measuring
magnification 15 times
Projector screen diameter 80 mm
magnification 10 times
or 20times
Halogen lamp for the projector
6V/20 W
Coolant aggregate flow up to 30 liters/min.
Dust exhausting equipment
700 W/12 liters
Illumination, halogen lamp



Contact pressure: Variable, adjustable from 5–30 kp