Digital generator of the latest generation

Surface quality up to Ra < 0,2 μm

The wanted surface qualities are easily obtained with the digital generator of the latest generation, either with copper or graphite electrodes EDG®plus.

Recognize and utilize advantages

Copper electrode – its largest benefit is its high dimensional stability which minimizes dressing cycles. Example: diamond hogger

Copper or graphite electrodes - you have the choice

Take advantage of the particular electrode. With the help of the modern software it only takes seconds to change from one electrode to the other.

»digital flexible« replaces conventional roughing, finishing, fine finishing

The digital generator of the »Dia-5085-CNC« is digitally addressed by the control and thus reaches flexibility not known up to now. The respective generator stage is represented by a file on the hard drive of the control. This process offers a multiple number of variants and exceeds by a wide margin the classic processing steps such as roughing, finishing and fine finishing. This gives you the security for present and future PCD variants and types of electrodes. Please remember you will always benefit from the experiences of the pioneer LACH-DIAMANT in the processing and manufacturing of PCD tools since 1973.