A control with affection for detail

Complex technology hidden behind an easy to operate user interface

The operation of the »Dia-5085-CNC« supports the newcomer in the expanding diamond service business with the new generation user interface (Microsoft® system) with concise, clear menu navigation. Assistance for an assured sharpening process is provided by integrated illustrations, photos and short videos.
The control of the »Dia-5085-CNC« has been designed for around the clock (24 hours) operation. The modular configuration of the »Dia-5085-CNC« assures high reliability

A program developed for the service of diamond tools

The integrated data bank is able to call up any tool data which were ever sharpened on your »Dia-5085-CNC«.

We won't leave you alone

Almost all programs and parameters are backed up by clear graphics and even videos which greatly simplify the operation of the machine.

Two are better than one

All LACH-DIAMANT sharpening machines and measuring instruments based on Microsoft Windows® are equipped with two hard drives which automatically protect all files.

»dia-ToolNet« Station - get the maximum of your »Dia-5085-CNC«

With the help of the »dia-ToolNet« Station the measuring of tools can be carried out in seconds. Transfer measured tool data directly via the network cable to the tool editor. Inspect tools with the same ease and precision as you would with higher priced measuring instruments.