LACH DIAMOND at IMTS in Chicago Diamonds for Wear Protection of Machine Tools ...


Diamonds for Wear Protection of Machine Tools ...

"Diamonds are not only a girl's best friend" – but they play an important role for wear protection and guarantee maximum precision and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) for machine tools in serial production – especially when referring to polycrystalline diamond (PCD) which is an (almost) indestructible "all-rounder" due to its hardness.

The decision to use polycrystalline diamonds not only for the machining of non-ferrous metals but also for wear protection, goes back to the year 1973 and the world's first LACH DIAMOND made PCD tools for the turning of copper commutators.

The possibility of using them in serial production raised the question of how the commutator spindles – running on prisms during turning - could be adapted to the new challenges in regards to tool life and guide accuracy.

The solution for industrial use was found in the hardest thing of all – the diamond.

This know-how became the basis of a broad range of applications for wear protection of different components in machine tools, centerless cylindrical grinding machines, e. g. prisms, bearing shells, center points, steady rest blocks, sliding blocks, work rest blades, punching knives, and many other applications (see image).

LACH DIAMOND – since 1922, family-managed manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools and grinding wheels – is prepared to demonstrate the advantages of PCD over carbide with further practical examples and models at upcoming trade show in Chicago – IMTS.

In particular, manufacturers of high-precision work pieces and machine tool suppliers should take advantage of this opportunity for a free consultation.

Furthermore, LACH DIAMOND will, of course, also showcase the entire program of superior PCD tools for the machining of non-ferrous metals and newly developed diamond and CBN grinding wheels for super-fast profiling of carbide and hardened high-alloy steels.