IMTS Chicago: dreboform® - High Precision PCD Step Drills and Profile Tools


IMTS Chicago
dreboform® - High Precision PCD Step Drills and Profile Tools

IMTS Chicago coincides with the 38th anniversary of LACH DIAMANT's discovery of spark erosion as a means of forming polycrystalline cutting materials and allowing for the production of rotating PCD tools, e. g. step drills and profile tools.

Since then, PCD diamond tools have triumphantly established themselves in metal, wood and plastic industries all over the world.

Since 1973 – when polycrystalline diamond cutting materials were first available - LACH DIAMOND develops and manufactures cutting tools, especially for milling and turning cutters. The discovery of spark erosion made it possible for industry pioneer LACH DIAMOND to complete the company's product range with rotating PCD tools, milling cutters, profile tools, saws and wear tools.

LACH DIAMOND will exhibit selected dreboform® custom-made tools at IMTS in Chicago and will showcase high performance when using special PCD step drills and combination tools in the automobile, supply and composite material industries.

Special focus will be on dreboform® monoblock tools – in multi-part designs – with DIN compatible cylinder shafts or HSK/SK tool holder –
µ-exact for highest concentricity and axial run-out precision.

Knowhow gained in the long-term production of PCD profile tools (even with extreme shear angles) since 1978, guarantees the realization of all constructively conceivable profiles, and therefore success for the users.

Today, in 2016, additional machining technologies are available and meet highest precision demands.

More information in regards to this historically intriguing topic will be available at LACH DIAMOND's booth during IMTS – booth # W 2108 or during AMB, Stuttgart/Germany - hall C2, booth 2B14 and at