Great Success for LACH DIAMOND at »Composites Europe« in Stuttgart/Germany


Great Success for LACH DIAMOND
at »Composites Europe« in Stuttgart/Germany

Decades of pioneering work in the development and utilization of diamond tools in aviation and aerospace industry and at manufacturers of wind power plants and in many other areas are paying off for LACH DIAMOND.

This is the only explanation for the very enthusiastic crowds at the LACH DIAMOND booth at the recent specialty fair »Composites Europe« in Stuttgart.

Hybrid components and prefabricated synthetic/metal components are advancing drastically as lightweight materials in modern manufacturing technologies. GRP (glass-fiber) and CFRP (carbon fiber) plastics are the predominating materials, and LACH DIAMOND has long mastered both.

LACH DIAMOND has the right tools for cutting, milling, drilling, deburring, turning, and scoring - for both, GRP and CFRP components and the reworking and finishing of those components. In addition, LACH DIAMOND offers patented eco-friendly solutions, e.g. for high-caliber drilling in GRP components. The resulting dust will be vacuumed immediately within the tool.

LACH DIAMOND has more detailed information for all composite manufacturers, e. g. on electro-plated diamond tools for cutting and deburring and PCD milling, cutting, sawing and drilling tools at, via or hotline call 1-800-LACH-USA.